Snow Riders of the American Indian Nations Riding across the snow and part of the land
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Visions by Janet Boyd

Visions by Janet Boyd
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 Tributes . . . Index
  -  Dedication to Jim Thorpe
  -  Duke Kahanomoku Postage Stamp
  -  Gen. Schwarzkopf's Tribute to 1st Americans
 Care of . . .Index
  -  Care and Feeding of Snow
  -  Dr. Emoto's Messages from Water
  -  Willie Nelson, Morgan Freeman Biodiesel Spotlight
  -  Big Bear Medicine Wheel
 Tribal Gifts
  -  J.F.K. Inro to "The American Indian"
     with George Bush Sr. statement

  -  Iroquois Contribution
  -  Utah Tribes leads Snow Ceremony
  -  John Perkin's Lessons from Indigenous Wisdom
   Honor and Care of Our Sacred Planet
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Group Nations and Ski Areas - Maps and Directories

Group Shining Monments - Olympic Links - How To - Events

   Nations and Ski Areas starting North America Map
   Nations Contact Information Directory
   Ski Areas Directory of Links

      Individual State Maps
      Nation's official websites also available on these
      pages and the Nations directory page
   New Jersey
   New Mexico
   New York
   North Carolina
   North Dakota
   Rhode Island
   South Carolina
   South Dakota

   Nations Bio's
         Abenaki Nation Bio

     Shining Moments In History
     Who is Native Voices Foundation
     Mayflower Descendents Clarify History
     Account of Thanksgiving by an Attendee
     Everyday Is a Good Day
     Wonderful Press
     N. Ute leader Roland McCook carries Olympic torch ...
     Indian Nations Request Rogge for Olympic Inclusion
     Euro Leaders Support Native American Olympic Inclusion
     Native children learn to ski, join Red Road to the Olympics
     Eskimo Wins Jr & Sr Snowboard Champs
     How to Plan a Healing Event
     Planning a Native Ski Event
     Telluride's Native Ski Program Video
     Christmas in the Clouds
     Events Calendar
     Giving Back
     Fund Raisers


  Thanks to 60 Ski Communities
  Thanks to Native Sponsors
  Indian Olympic Bid to IOC President Jacques Rogge
  The Oregonian: " Native Americans Seek Recognition"
  Suzy's World Internet Radio Interview
  Pioneers of Native Skiing
  Torino Advances Native American Olympic Bid

  Weather Miracles

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