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Choctaw Nation partners with Earth Biofuels on US Model

MANHATTAN, NY, Nov 21, 05 - Mother Earth and future generations breathed a sigh of relief as Willie Nelson and Morgan Freeman helped launch a bold plan for Biodiesel in the U.S. to catch up with Europe and South America, at an event at NYC's Four Seasons Hotel on November 17. Sponsored by Apollo Resources International and their newly acquired Earth Biofuels, their CEO's, Dennis McLaughlin and Tommy Johnson, announced their strategy that included the acquisition of BioWillie, and the near completion of the most advanced plant in the US at the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma (95 miles north of Dallas), which resulted in Nelson and Freeman joining the board, according to a spokesperson for Native Voices Foundation (NVF).

Nelson, the father of FarmAid saw early on the importance of growing clean fuel to lesson our dependence on foreign oil, to also helop put the American Family farmers back to work, when he founded BioWilly, headed by South African Peter Bell, which has colorful truck stops in many states. Freeman's decision came out of a passionate concern for Earth. "While I am only 1/16 Choctaw, I am proud of the vision of my tribe in serving as a model of how investors teaming with mainstream and American Indians farmers, can profit from growing and processing clean fuel to reduce Global Warming while bridging to a hydrogen economy."

Suzy Chaffee Willie Nelson The Choctaw plant is the first in the US designed by Dr Miquel Dabdoub, a professor at the University of Brazil's Sao Paulo, who is considered the "foremost authority on biodiesel in the world," and whos patents are in great demand. Biodiesel already has a corner on the US military, heavy equipment, school buses, trucking, shipping/boating and mass transit industries, thanks to forward-thinking state, regional and federal biodiesal subsities, tax incentives, and mandates. While the South has led biodiesal evolution here, pumps and plants, supported by 100 square miles of one crop-dedicated farmlands, are sprouting up across America. The professor is working closely with GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen and others to test and develop their engines with biodiesel to help America catch up to foreign markets. Europe produces 20X more biodiesal than the US, and their cars use 50% biodiesal, compared to 2% in the US. "Thanks to the excitement at the launch, the company expects to produce 40 milion gallons of biodiesel annually from five facilities with a network of 75-150 retail facilities. Reveneus for 2006 are expected to total in excess of $100 million if expansion plans are achieved," said Johnson.

Olympic skier Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee, co-chair of NVF, was also invited to the launch by Earth Biofuels' Bruce Blackwell, to help create a bridge to Indian Country, after becoming aware of biodiesel at a seminar at Northern California's "Earthdance" in September. It is part of 200 events in 50 countries that celebrate Earth with great music, dance, ceremonies led by Elders, and sustainability seminars, including puppet shows for the kids talking about biodiesal. "The youth, who are the eco educators of the family, and soccer moms, who buy the family cars, will have a big role in this drive toward a greener planet," said Chaffee. "Biofuel, which works in petrodiesel engines, but costs significantly less, is the only fuel that passes the standards of the Clean Air Act," said Chaffee, who is proud to be related to its author, the late Senator John Chafee. "The surprising number of investors who ski were delighted to hear that Aspen's Roaring Fork Valley has a Biodiesel pump and Aspen SkiCo's snowcats run on vegetable oil, which helped them win the "Golden Eagle Award for the Most Sustainable Ski Area." Following the eye-opening presentations, two investment bankers who handle $2 billion in portfolios, were overheard saying, "Here's an investment in America's future that totally makes sense." Another top investment firm just announced switching their strategy from comodities to alternative energies.

At the end of the event, Woody Vaspra (Hawaiian), President of the World Council of Elders, a former engineer with an MBA in Finance, called to voice his excitement about the opportunties for the US Tribes and World Indigenous Nations/Farmers to be able to further spearhead this green economic development to help protect our planet." With raised awareness through Freeman and Nelson, who just unveiled a song about biodiesel, and the launching of the International Biofuels Association, led by Scott Halazon, the stars hope that America can better do our part in making Earth a healthier, sustainable abundant place for all our children. (See Earth Biofuels and Willy's for more). Native Voices Foundation is a Colorado 501C3 non-profit partnership of US Tribal leaders, World Elders, Olympians and ski communities. It's mission is "to create joyful unity through sports (and dance) to help heal Mother Earth for all our children." ( Contact:, tel: 323 707 5058
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