Snow Riders of the American Indian Nations Riding across the snow and part of the land
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-- Olympic Skier Suzy Chaffee, NVF co-founder

Suzy Chaffee Snow Dancing          The following is documentation on approx 12 snow or rain coincidences, many call "miracles," led by American Indian Elders.

        It all started in 1963, when Vail Associates desperately needed to try save them from a snow drought during their first two years of operation. So they called on Eddy Box Sr (S. Ute Chairman/Elder), who made spiritual history by magnanimously assisting them with a snowdance ceremony that resulted in a blizzard. "That miracle which was covered on CBS' Huntley Brinkley Report, made our whole year," said Dick Hauserman, one of the Vail Associates Founders.

        I had the extreme honor of witnessing and even participating in most of the rest, all thanks to offering to exchange the joy of skiing for the wisdom of the mountains with Daniel Rollingbears Quintana (Lakota) in Telluride, and Telski sharing a lift ticket, in spring of 1995.

        I can understand any scepticism, as it took my witnessing four of Rollingbears' snow and rain coincidences for me to finally realize that 'Mother Earth really listens!'

        Since you might not live near a reservation, and all tribes do not do weather ceremonies, this documentation may be the best substitute for directly experiencing one of these blessed life, business, or event-saving snow or rain phenomena yourselves. Given the number with documented press coverage or compelling evidence, you decide whether these are coincidences or miracles.

        Then you can ponder what this can mean for the future of snow sports and the Winter Olympics. Scientists and now the general public say it will take a miracle to ensure that future generations can enjoy our beloved snow sports despite progress in using clean fuels that don't raise the CO2 greenhouse gases.

        That's why my fellow Olympians helped fund this tribal solution. That is why David Engimie, President of the SnowSports Industries of America, and Michael Berry, President of the National Ski Areas Association, (author of the Sustainable Slopes Program), agree that, "This partnership with the tribes is important to strengthening the future of skiing and 'Keeping Winters Cool.'        

Horse in Avalanche by Janet Boyd

        IMAGINE if most of the ski areas follow in the moccasins of the clean energy leaders like Aspen, which is blessed with abundant snow. This year Middlebury (Vt) College, whose students partnered with NativeEnergy to transform their SnowBowl into using clean renewable (Wind & Solar energy, Biofuel snowcats), and are there first to have a Zero Carbon Footprint!

        NativeEnergy is coincidentally a proud sponsor of our Native American Olympic Team. If you would like to support Indian youth to be able to carry on these priceless Earth ceremonies for future generations, while enhancing your snowblessings now, we hope you will take advantage of's Carbon Offset Program (VP Gore's model program to build Windfarms..) so you can easily be part of the "Global Cooling" Solution right NOW!)

        IMAGINE if all 320 ski areas followed in the moccasins of the 60 ski areas that have invited their nearby tribes back to their ancestral lands to ski and snowboard and share their magnificent earth-honoring dances and ceremonies... (and adopted some clean energy or Carbon Offsets)

        "That could inspire the Elders at all 320 ski areas to join together in ceremony (or prayers) in their ancestral mountains for healing the Earth," said Bob Gough, Secretary of (Al Gore's Carbon Offsets model).

        Uniting those snow ceremonies could assist ski areas with weather systems on a grand scale, just as Steamboat, Vail and Telluride created a weather system that benefited most Colorado resorts. (See 1999 Denver Post coverstory.) In the same way, the Elders could assist farmers and help prevent forest fires with raindances to enhance "Global Cooling" and the snowy future of skiing. "IMAGINE that!"

Photos:  Top: Suzy Chaffee joyfully Snowdancing in Telluride,
where Rollingbears (Lakota) shared his first snow miracle.
      Bottom: Riding the Snow Abundance (by Janet Boyd) 

"We are leading these snow and rain ceremonies to create more harmony between eachother and Mother Earth"
-- Eddy Box Jr, S. Ute Elder


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Special Thanks to Janet Boyd (Cherokee) for her "Work of Heart," designing this Snow & Rain Miracle Documentation site, as well as - all guided by Woody Vaspra (Hawaiian), President of the World Council of Elders (of 50 countries).

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