Snow Riders of the American Indian Nations Riding across the snow and part of the land
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A Child of the World A Child of the World A Child of the World
A Child of the World A Child of the World A Child of the World
A Child of the World A Child of the World A Child of the World

Let us give thanks to our Creator for giving us this wonderful opportunity to come together in unity and friendship to enrich eachother's lives by inviting the first inhabitants back to their beloved ancestral lands (in many cases.)

God bless your Nature-loving ski communities for setting an example to the world of respect and honor for eachother's diversity, culture, and beliefs to include one and all from every corner of this planet.

Creator we ask for constant support to assist us in understanding, healing, and having fun together flying down mountains like eagles on skis and snowboards.

We thank you Creator for the snow and water that makes that possible, while making our mountains, fauna and creatures, so magnificent, and ask you to help keep it pure for the health of Nature and our children.

We thank you for opening the hearts of our community hosts to lift the lives of our young ones who carry and joyfully share, through their dances and snow ceremonies, their earth-honoring wisdom that benefits all, while giving them a chance to again dream as high as these mountains, including the Olympics.

Creator, we ask you to bless and protect all the skiers and boarders, especially those who have led this historic breakthrough: Olympians like Suzy Chaffee, Billy Kidd and Prince Albert, snowsports leaders like Michael Berry and SIA's David Ingimie, pioneering resorts like Mammoth and Telluride, our inspired webmasters Janet Boyd and Carleen Franz (plus Ski Town, Debbie West, and Jim Selby) who created this bridge between the cultures, and the ski areas and Indian Nations that is living this prophesy, of the healing of this sacred hoop of life for all our youth, families, America and Global Village.

Together we can heal, restore and joyfully lift our Earth Mother in these challenging times, so that future generations can enjoy these precious gifts from Creator.

And it is so!

Woody Vaspra
--Woody Vaspra, President of World Council of Elders & NVF board

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