Snow Riders of the American Indian Nations Riding across the snow and part of the land
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... referred to by many
Native Americans as "Turtle Island"

Gen Schwarzkopf Hails Native Skiing
 Native American
Ski/Snowboard Team
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Telluride's Native Ski Program Video (CBS)

Nations and Ski Area Maps by States
Jim Thorpe and Duke Kahanamoku
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*NATIVE AMERICAN SKI & SNOWBOARD TEAM  Map Left: Ross Anderson (Cheyenne) 2005 Bronze Medallist in World Speed Ski Championships.
Center: Stew Young (Tulalip) World Cup Veteran Speedskier (In tuck in front of) (Raven Dancer) Gene Tagaban (Tlinkit-Cherokee) X-treme skier.
Right: Billy Kidd (Abenaki) Olympic Alpine Medallist (Shown on Entry Page)