Snow Riders of the American Indian Nations Riding across the snow and part of the land
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Honor and Care of Our Sacred Planet

In very ancient times, the peoples that inhabited the many lands around this planet also honored the land they lived on, for it gave them life and sustenance. For this honoring, the land nurtured them for thousands of years. As time progressed, they took on the duty to be the caretakers of the lands they occupied. They learned to how to create a balance between their continued existence and their spiritual honoring of all life. Both the nomadic and non-nomadic peoples developed their own way to demonstrate the respect and reverence for our planet. Ceremonies were created to honor the Creator and Mother Earth. Their existence depended on the health of these lands.

In recent history, some of the modern peoples have strayed from these earth-honoring practices. Technologies have been developed that extracts the precious natural resources from above and below the surface of our planet. These resources are used to create goods and commodities for the modern civilization. However, our economic and business models do not call for prudent use of these resources or to find ways to replenish these resources. In fact, the business model calls for more and more resources, so that we are presently reaching the point of having no natural resources at all. Besides using up all the resources, the modern civilization is also contaminating the water and land, making harder and harder to drink clean water and grow healthy food.

All of these actions are also effects the ecology, climate and wellbeing of our planet. For example, in many places the warming of the planet has effected the natural production of snow, which is very important to the water supply for many regions. Also our natural living cycles are being affected around the world and our planet is starting to resist for it can no longer withstand the exploitation of her resources.

The traditional indigenous Elders, who come from the ancient peoples, are carrying prophecies that were date back many thousands of years that speak of these times. We must go back to honoring and caring for our planet. We must care for our water, our plants, our animals, our air, our earth and all things the Creator created. If we don't, it is the human race that will become extinct. Our planet will go on with or without us as it has for millions of years.

Top Photo:   Sioux Invocations by Edward Curtis
Bottom Photo:  Daniel Rollingbears Quintana (Lakota, Tewa-Pueblo)

Rollingbears' snow blessings, in appreciation for Telluride SkiCo and Suzy sharing the joy for skiing with him, in addition to his rain blessings for the Kansas farmers (in photo), made Chaffee realize that "Mother Earth listens," and inspired her to co-found NVF with S. Ute unity leader Alden Naranjo in 1997.
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