Snow Riders of the American Indian Nations Riding across the snow and part of the land
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The Snow Riders of the American Indian Nations Team and Native Voices Foundation so gratefully acknowledges the educational resource collections and people who have given countless loving hours creating this unprecedented, multi-purpose bridge between our cultures . . .


  Suzy Chaffee NVF co-founder/chair, Olympic skier, web writer, photos, team leader of overall conceptual design,

  Woody Vaspra (Hawaiian), Boulder-based NVF exec board, President World Council of Elders, web writer, tribal weblinks, Curtis photos, overall traditional/historic editing & guidance,

  Janet Boyd Site Design and Layout, Graphics, Original Art, Photo Manipulation/Enhancements, Faces Gallery, Maps, Flash Music, Researching and Coding. Caring and staying up late. Texas-Based Poet and Artist
[ Best Supporting Partner - Charlie Boyd ]

  Carleen Stinson California-based cutting edge Flash design, Euros Support Gallery, tech consultant
[ Best Supporting Partner - Scott Franz ]

SNOWRIDERS BIRTH Michael Day (Ho-Chunk) NVF board member, recommended Jim Covorubbias, (Apache-Walapai), Artist for Phoenix County, to join Philip "Little Bear" Goldfeld, Navajo Nation economic developer, and Suzy at a meeting with ski areas leaders in Phoenix in 2005, which gave birth to

MUSIC CONTRIBUTERS Gene Tagaban (Tlinkit-Cherokee) Seattle-based member Native American Ski Team, Indian Funk Music (flute & sax), and the name "Snowriders." Eagle Child, (First Nations) Sedona-based, for his sacred flute healing music -"All My Relations." Paul Leroche and Tom Bee, (Lakota), "We the People" and "Legacy" by Santee, Sounds of

OTHER CONTRIBUTERS Debbie West - Webmaster City of Boulder (Co) and, source of many links, Jim Selby - Aspen-based designer of wireless system for U.S. Homeland Security..., (front page Wall Street Journal), original designer of with Chaffee. , Robert Painter with First Nations Art, Chip Comins of American Spirit Productions for the Telluride video footage

and so many more ...


SkiTown - For graciously letting us use the backgrounds of their ski maps to place Janet's markers for the Nations and the Ski Areas, as well as sharing their ski resort links. is the most widely used ski area website with 10 million visits per year.
Check their site for any Ski Areas without a site link in our directory.

American Memory Collection American Memory Collection - for the many photos of Edward Curtis. Visit this site to view this amazing collection.


He was an entrepreneur, photographer, and enthusiast who dedicated much of his career to an idealized goal of recording traditional American Indian customs.


US Census U.S. Census Bureau Factfinder
Maps and information on Federally Recognized Native American Nations

American Indian Institute
American Indian Institute

 Sources of various facts, photos and other links 

Access Genealogy
Native American Resources   Native American Resources
United States Geological Survey

Blue Cloud Abbey
Native American Photograph Collection

The Free Encyclopedia

[ National Archives ]
[ American Pentimento ]
[ US Historical Archive ]
[ Photographic Libraries ]


Salute to Tribal Sponsors
Thank You American Indian Nations .. . .

Native Voices Foundation Salutes Our American Indian Nation Sponsors
"Because the Youth are our Future!"

Click here to read the salute.

Thank you sports industry
Thank You SnowSports Industry .. . .

for $.6 million worth of gear donations "to create a generation of Native Olympians!," on behalf of Indian youth & families at 45 rezervations thru NVF.) Special thanks to SIA President David Ingimie, organizer Jean Mattie, Yellow Freight and John & Jackie Bucksbaum, (US SKi Team Trustees), for shipping, and Billy Kidd for inspiring the gift!!

Click here or the image to view large image of photo on the left.

Salute To Ski Communities Offerring Services
Thank You Ski Communities ....

Salute to 60 Ski Communities Welcoming Nearby Tribes Home as of 2006
"Helping To Create a Generation of Olympic Skiers and Snowboarders!"

Click here to read the salute.

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