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Abenaki Canoe

Abenaki Nation


Vermont Dawn

      The traditional homeland of the Abenaki is Wobanakik ("Place of the Dawn"), in what is now called Northern New England and Southern Quebec.

      The Missisqoui, Cowasuck, Winooski, Sokoki, Pennacook and Winnipesaukee comprise the Western Abenaki (Vermont and New Hampshire).

      Eastern Abenaki are comprised of Amaseconti, Kennebec, Norridgewock, Ossipee, Penobscot, Pigwacket, Wewenoc and Saco.

      The Abenaki also live in Quebec, with sizable communities at Okanak , Wolinak (Becancour) and the Sherbrooke who are now recognized by the Canadian Government.


      Another Olympic sport invented by American Indians was canoing   -   a main form of transportation and sport for the Abenakis on magnificent Lake Champlain and the CT River. Above is an example of the Wabanaki birchbark canoes of the 1700-1800s, an art form passed on by oral tradition, which is continued today by Abenaki craftsman Aaron York.

      "Aaron's birchbark canoes are like poetry on the water," said Ray Mears of BBC Television Extreme Survival Series, The Travel Channel 2002. Their characteristics are edge-to-edge planking, tumblehoming, solid gunwale shearing, very fine root work, exact hull configuration for grace and stability, wide fancy ribs and meticulous detail and artistry.

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