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Thanksgiving Card

      Stories of THANKSGIVING are many and varied. But for an accurate account, we should go to the writings of one who actually attended. In 1622, their "Thanksgiving" was actually a small "Harvest Festival," where Pilgrims of Plymouth in New England took the opportunity to thank God for His blessing, along with sharing it with their new friends, the Native Americans (who they mistakenly called "Indians").

      It is beautiful to hear of the harmony that existed in the very beginning between this tiny band of English settlers and the Native Americans they encountered.   It is not the story of bloody battles as depicted in Hollywood movies, but of simple humans joined in the battle of sheer existence...  There are several touching stories for those early days that show the hearts of men and women who went through extreme suffering, experienced kindness, and formed a bond of lifetime friendships.

      So, the first Thanksgiving was wonderful because there was sharing. The gifts and instructions of the Native Americans saved the lives of those first settlers, and thus later they shared their blessings with those who had helped them.

Read the account of one man who rejoiced together with his friends at the table that first Thanksgiving day...

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