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"Don’t Have to Buy a Hybrid to Make a Difference!"

SEDONA, ARIZONA, June 19, 2007 - America’s Red Rock Cathedral, Sedona is becoming a Green Model of Hope for Earth’s children and the Winter Olympics. "To keep Sedona healthy and enhance global cooling, our community is taking bold measures," said Green Sedona founder Matthew Turner, a 34 year old environmental scientist.  “Turner offers businesses and families simple natural solutions that the youth can coach, which raise the green bar necessary for having a realistically brighter future,” said Olympic skier, Suzy Chaffee, co-chairman of the partnering Native Voices Foundation.

What motivated Turner was Bill Moyers’ Mount Sinai Medical study that found his body (like ours) contained a soup of 84 industrial chemicals: 31 types of PCBs, 13 dioxins, and pesticides like DDT.

“Together we can reverse the resulting two billion Earth Citizens suffering and dying from cancer alone, while preventing smog, a major cause of global warming that also puts snowsports at risk,” said Turner, a skier with Hopi-Seminole heritage.

According to the California Air Resources Board, synthetic household cleaning products, paints, and cosmetics are pumping 100 tons of pollutants daily into Southern California’s air, ranking second to tailpipe emissions, yet are more dangerous since they are indoors.

"If we love Sedona and truly wish to be stewards of this beautiful land, then we must make every effort to plan and strive for a sustainable environmental future for generations to come," agrees Mayor Pud Colquitt. 

“Green Sedona Business Recommendations” with incentives include:  Natural construction materials and cleaning products, banning synthetic fragrances like Canadian cities, low flow toilets, solar and wind energy, “Energy Star” appliances and lighting, replacing lawns with native plants, hybrids or bio-diesel vehicles, recyclable shopping bags, local organics, plus mercury filters in dental offices.

Community leaders will join Turner in presenting this sane approach to the Mayor and Council at City Hall at 6pm June 26. th   “I am grateful to over 1,000 Sedona-ites who helped us join the pioneering US cities and other countries, who replaced pesticides/herbicides on our roads with Vitamin C-cide and weeding,” said the eco-maverick.

Each year the Mayor will host an awards celebration for “Sedona’s Green Business Heroes,” including window stickers and plaques designed by model youth to let customers know “Who’s Green.”

“God bless Matthew for enlightening us on how we each can make a monumental difference by simply going natural,” said Steven “Bennie” Benedict, founder of “Touch the Earth Adventures.”

“I envision Sedona as a model city that encourages sustainable living in harmony with its environment,” said Councilman Rob Adams.

Native Voices Foundation (NVF) is partnering with Stanford University and the National Tribal Environmental Council to bring their expertise to this project.  “It’s priceless, the power of a model!” said Chaffee.

NVF is a 501(c)3 Colorado partnership of American Indian leaders and Olympians to “create joyful unity through sports and education to help heal Earth for all our children.” For more info see

Contact:, tel:  928 282 5663.


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