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The Significance of the Seven Rays

      Golden Ray, Inc. is a holding company that holds six divisions that are characterized by the colors in the rainbow. Why the rainbow? The rainbow is a beautiful symbol of hope and promise---the very benefits found in full life force water found only in Blue Ray Rainbow Myst® Water. Scientists have also discovered that the colors of the rainbow are the same codes that make up matter. The exciting ability to deliver hope and promise to the world's population provides the energy that propels each of the divisions to enhance the environment and improve mankind's plight on the earth.
The divisions and their colors (Rays) are as follows:

Division Names Purpose and Income Source
SRV Golden Ray This is the holding company for all the operating divisions.
SRV Blue Ray, Inc. Responsible for manufacturing and marketing Blue Ray Rainbow Myst water and related products.
SRV Green Ray, Inc. Responsible for marketing the breathtaking benefits Blue Ray Water will offer the agriculture industry.   For example, our process will enable the farmer to double crop yield while taking only half the growing time, utilizing only 30% of the water the crop would normally require.  In addition, insects cannot live in healthy plants, exclusively produced by Blue Ray Water. This will enable the farmer to eliminate pesticides and fertilizer altogether.   It’s anticipated that over time the earth’s depleted soil vitality will be fully restored.
SRV Violet Ray Laboratories We believe this will constitute the world’s finest water testing and technology resource center.  Violet Ray Laboratories will spearhead the research necessary to fuel the development of all divisions.  Not only will our laboratory develop technology and rationale for our own wide ranging and revolutionary initiatives, we’ll unselfishly share our research for the betterment of mankind throughout the world via conferences, teleconferences, visits, consultations, etc.  Violet Ray will be a self-sustaining profit center with revenues being generated from technologies and products we develop and sell.
SRV Magenta Ray Energy Replacing current power sources such as oil, gas, and central source generated electricity, for example is the mission of Magenta Ray.  This will bring profound monetary and health benefits to mankind.  New product development will be the source of revenue.
SRV Red Ray Communities Greatly enhanced quality of life living in communities is the mission of Red Ray.  Research has already developed the ability for each home to be equipped with it’s own hothouse that will enable the rapid and nutritious growth of food.  Technology is already available through pressurizing crops at harvest (thus sealing in all the nutrients) to preserve food in its original state and lengthen the crop/product lifespan dramatically.  Also Red Ray will assist in the proper design of communities as the populace moves farther away from suburbia in order to have a higher quality life.  Revenues will be generated from the sale of products to farmers and consumers.
SRV Yellow Ray Health Clinics and healing centers will bring full life force benefits of Blue Ray Water in ways heretofore unknown.  We are on the threshold of expanding the many outstanding health benefits of water---many of which are curative, i.e. the Full Life Force Digital Vending Machine referred to earlier. With Blue Ray Water’s introduction, along with applied research, far ranging health benefits will become manifest.

Another entity --- Seven Ray Vision
--- is a trust created for the purpose of taking one third of the profits from each of the seven Rays in order to enhance mankind.
The model will be a self-development model; that is, we’ll teach recipients to fish rather than giving them fish with no accountability

The History of Seven Ray Vision

      Rob Sandell's discoveries astounded scientists doing third party research in 1999 when they discovered his process would significantly improve increased dehydration. This occurred after he developed a dual application after he had developed two single energetic (spin) translators, one in 1998 and the second in 1999.

      Later in 1999 two other milestones occurred. Sandell created the final device that locked in the frequencies of the elements in both spin orientations. Another breakthrough came when he learned that all 96 elements of the atom were applicable to his process. This led to the development of formulas based on these elements. Simultaneously, he created two separate programs---one that would enable him to mix specified elements into the formula, and then another program that enable him to inject the formula into the water. These milestones enabled him to manipulate the clustering of the water so as to provide maximum benefit to the cells of the body.

      During 2000-2001, that first translator system was developed that enabled Blue Ray Water to inject the formula into large tanks of water that would permit the mass bottling of Rainbow Myst® Water. A computer driven (HTS System) was developed to insure that the exact formulas are inserted into the formulas, and that they remain constant once the water is manufactured.

      2002 saw the continued refinement of the proprietary formula. In addition, Sandell began to develop a management team. Initial work began on the strategic business plan and the PERT.

      2003-2004 With few exceptions, the management team is now complete. Research and development to perfect the balance of the frequencies in the water along with further research on Blue Ray Water's ability to lengthen the shelf life of juices and liquid coffees is ongoing. The business plan and the PERT are complete. This includes the initial quick strike strategy in the juice and liquid coffee markets in America and the lucrative water markets in Mexico.

      Markets in America and the lucrative garrafones water market in Mexico.

      2005-2006 we now have developed a system, and have working prototypes, that there is no need for holding tanks. They can be put directly in the water line, and need no power to operate them. We now are ready to produce the manufacturing molds that will allow us to mass- produce.

Project Overview

      This summary addresses a revolutionary new water processing technology that will be of incalculable benefit to mankind, a seasoned management team, and aggressive marketing strategies in America and Mexico. Blue Rays Process involves several steps, chief of which is water programmed with exclusive frequencies that enable the outer energy of the cell to become in total harmony with the physical part of the cell. The cell cleanses itself of its unhealthy acidic state---caused by poor diet and environmental contamination. In the cleansing process the cell becomes highly alkaline, the normal healthy state of the cell. This process enables the cell to fight off disease, because disease has difficulty living in an alkaline state. Another major benefit is that the same process will enable municipalities to clean up polluted water supplies regardless of how contaminated the water. This will benefit cities around the world. Agriculture will experience enormous benefits globally, because irrigating with Blue Ray water enables farmers to grow twice as much in half the time with only 30% of the water. This has the potential to reduce if not eliminate hunger. Considering the global water shortage, famine, plus forecasts that call for the price of water to increase five fold in the near future, Blue Ray's Process could not be more timely.

      Sufficient third party research and tests have been done to enable Blue Ray to warrant that the process will fulfill the claims. We have developed prototypes of some of the five units. We are now ready to develop the molds to mass-produce them.


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