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Puerto Vallarta's UN Ocean Ceremony Launch Smoothing 2012 Shift

Photo courtesy:    Humpback Whales giving a standing ovation to U.N.'s cross-cultural New Years Ocean Ceremonies at  ports like Hawaii's Big Island and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which the whales call a 'happening place.'
Photo courtesy: Humpback Whales giving a standing ovation to U.N.'s cross-cultural New Years Ocean Ceremonies at ports like Hawaii's Big Island and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which the whales call a "happening place."

Given the amazing results of many Tribes of the Americas along with groups of diverse cultures performing New Year's ceremonies to heal the oceans, it appears that our Earth Family has begun to fulfill the prophesy of what the tribes call "The Purification."  This unprecedented solidarity, inspired by the magnificent Azteca ceremonial dances in Puerto Vallarta (PV) Mexico, means Mother Earth won't have to rebalance Herself so drastically, which spells a smoother ride for us around 2012!  Tsunamis of gratitude to all those who sent prayers enhancing this ongoing global shift.
Here is some of the spiritual firepower that led to New Year's breakthrough, following the PV launch orchestrated at the request of the UN, by our Native American Olympic Team Foundation ( with my gifted Elder advisor, Dr. Olivia Ellis.  Plus what we can each do to further restore Eden.

Southern Ute Elder, Eddie Box Jr, who led the mountain snowdance launch at Vail's World Cup in December with his Dine/Navajo wife Betty said, "Our tribe held a ceremony at Midnight as part of our New Years' Pow Wow, which most American Indian Nations did."  "Most of our North American Elders have been in ceremony since November to rebalance Nature's cycles, including New Year's," said a liaison.  He coincidentally shared what I said at Puerto Vallarta's Dawn ceremony, "that Mainstreamers need to express appreciation to Mother Earth, as well as make green steps every day, not just once a year on Earth Day."

Other powerful ocean-healers include many Aetherius Society members:  British-American Paul Nugent, American Leo Backus, Judah Mezey in Texas, Nigerian Moji Tokubanjo, Tahiti's Mary Meuel, Sandra Jacobs in New Zealand, and Ecuadorian Mina Marmol.  Plus Swiss mystic Ester Venzlaff, English healer Gail Weatherley in PV, Bob Simpson in Santo Domingo and Yosemite's Chukchanski ancestral lands, Apache Earth Healer Valerie Nunez, and Virginia's Grandmother Elder of the Appalachian Cherokee, Mary Duty.  All pray daily for Mother Earth and Her oceans like Tribal Elders world-wide.

"The pollution of the seas has become so extreme it's creating extreme imbalances in the whole environment," says Owen Waters, a gifted world healer.  Tribal Elders say, "These toxins are altering Nature's cycles."
Scientists have proven that the ocean's phytoplankton, its staff of life, is also the most vital source of oxygen for humans, more than rain forests, and it is being poisoned by toxins from our household products, pesticided food, carcinogenic plastic trash, tailpipe exhaust, coal, oil spills and dispersants.  (Meanwhile CNN found house plants and opening windows filters most cancer-causing fumes from toxic household, school and workplace products).  Mainstreamers with the power MUST learn from these epidemics and switch to all-natural products, and prevent Gulf oil catastrophes by insisting our representatives shift budgets to clean renewable energy.  Annie Leonard's "Story of Bottled Water" video and have the major plastic/water/ocean cures: 

While most of us do this critical spiritual work on faith, Owen, Olivia and many Elders have gifts to see its effects on other dimensions, like auras and Nature spirits/devas, to give us vital feedback.  "The Psychic Detectives" and "Medium" TV shows demonstrate these scientifically-proven dimensions often used by our justice system.

What reinforced my eating mainly organics, which protect our bodies and water from DNA-altering pesticides, was attending Telluride's (CO) Awareness Festival where renowned Naturopath, Dr Gabriel Cousins showed us Kirlian photography slides of fruits and veggies.  The auras of organic foods had shafts of light called 'life force energy' emanating from them, while pesticided foods' were black blobs.  Therefore, when Owen reported seeing "great pioneering inroads toward restoring ecological balance take place on New Years, thanks to so many taking this sacred task upon themselves,"  it reinforced that this U.N. solution of cross-cultural ceremonies is making an enormous difference."

Owen explained that, "People are not generally aware that, given our loving energy, water actually purifies itself from toxicity.  Sending love and appreciation into the seas raises the energetic vibration of the water. Because all toxins function at low frequencies, a frequency rise removes the energetic framework that holds the pollutants in physical existence."


The shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords demonstrates the power of hateful words and intentions, which lowered the vibration of Tucson leading to dark consequences. They also affect water and nature's cycles, causing droughts, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.  Thanks to Japan's Dr. Masaru Emoto's pioneering tests on how words affect water crystals, plus hundreds of documented water purifications teamed with tribes, Buddhist Monks, and challenged communities everywhere, mindsets are changing.


The breathtaking new video "WATER - The Great Mystery," verifies scientifically Dr Emoto's tests and how our thoughts affect our external reality, including how giving love and appreciation to water turns it into beautiful crystals, while negative words turned it into grotesque shapes.  They also found that water has memory.  "This film gives hope that there is an emergence of collective intelligence that can solve the world's problems," said Deepak Chopra.  Discoveries by researchers, like Nobel Prize winner Kurt Wuthrich from Switzerland, and others from Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, USA, Britain, Austria, Japan, Argentina, China, and Tibet, opens humankind to new horizons in agriculture and treatment of diseases.

These scientists concluded that "we pollute water spiritually," why these UN encouraged ceremonies are the antidote, which are purifying all our waters. 

Purity is critical since these researchers found through Kirlian light emission tests that the last virgin water in the world in Venezuela activates the whole body's systems 40,000 times more than bottled or tap water. That is why the tribe that is guardian of this last original water lives long happy lives despite deprivations and doesn't want civilization to come there.  Therefore why Elders and scientists plead with us not to contaminate water in the first place by switching to all natural products and organic foods, since water cannot be purified to its original potent state. 

The video explains that "the biggest threat to water is radiation - microwaves and all things nuclear - because it changes the structure of water.  Since the brain is mainly water it changes its bioplasm, particularly our drive to live, which raises suicide levels in populations." 

It now seems plausible why Dreama Vance, a gifted seer, reported after New Year´s water healing ceremonies that, "I had a distinct impression of the ocean's water becoming clean, clear and replenished."


Hail to Ambassador Loayza and Indigenous Bolivians who initiated the U.N's International Mother Earth Day.  And to Maria Mercedes Sanchez, UN's Sustainability officer, who suggested our foundation create these model ceremonies, like Puerto Vallarta's ocean and Vail's mountain launches, to show global communities how they can invite their Indigenous Elders to lead ceremonies to rebalance Mother Earth leading up to Her day on April 22, 2011.
Mountain - 

Ocean - 

Or call on our Native American Elders. 

OPRAH'S ABORIGINE CEREMONY                                                                                                      

Lighting the way back to Mother Earth's heart, Oprah shared with humanity in January her touching Australian Aborigine Women's Ceremony at Uluru, their powerful sacred mountain.  Oprah and friends called it "an unforgettable, transformational experience."

Ms Sanchez also asked NAOTF to assist inviting Native Elders to speak at UN's 2012 RIO-20 Conference, following U. N. Assembly President Miguel Brockmann saying, "Time to listen to the voices of Indigenous people." I said communities need to host Elders-led ceremonies leading up to Her Day to ensure our civilization is fully intact in 2012.  They saw the light and it's working! 

The late 2007 Shared Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Stephen Schneider, who partnered with Native American Elders, praised U.S. Ski Areas for inviting Native kids to ski, which inspired Elders to lead snowdances that have saved ski areas from snow droughts since 1963. (  The Elders raise the vibration of mountains through prayers of appreciation to Mother Earth, Nature and ancestral spirits, which purifies them and restores natural precipitation/snow cycles. 

Three Nobel Laureates are also aligned in raising awareness about the importance of rebalancing Nature's cycles.  Eric Chivian, Muhammad Yunus, and Joseph Stiglitz, agree that, "Human beings are an inseparable part of Mother Earth, and Life depends on an uninterrupted functioning of Her cycles."

"There is a great need today for dynamic forms of prayer, like the "World Healing Technique," to help restore balance to the oceans and ecosphere," said Dr. Ellis.  "While the AMA, TM and Oneness Networks proved that prayer works, my teacher, the knighted British astrophysicist Dr. George King, developed a way for people to amplify prayers, incorporated in Owen's easy technique:"  Inspiring dawn-noon-sunsets-midnight are potent times to give thanks.

"On New Year's morning on Hawaii's Big Island I saw an abundance of Humpback whales jumping. I now realize they were celebrating all the positive energy healing our oceans - a spectacular way to start the new year," shared whale protector Phil Kline.
A major focus was the Gulf of Mexico.  Owen revealed what could happen by regularly starting our prayers with gratitude:  "First, I sent gratitude to Creator, and then the Sun for giving me the energy to live on this planet.  Then I asked for healing energy from the Sun and sent it into the Gulf." (Why we need sun every day.)


"To my surprise, the Deva of the Gulf - the nature spirit of that whole body of water - appeared very clearly within my mind's eye.  She was a robed, goddess-type figure above the water less than a mile away and was about 1,600 feet (500 meters) high," said Owen.

Olivia explained: "The loving energy that so many of these healers send this great compassionate being is all she has to work with to help her heal the Gulf."  So spread the word to send this wondrous Gulf Deva prayers now that the existence of Devas/nature spirits is being revealed.

Mayan Elders say these ceremonies that connect Ancient Indigenous and Technological Mainstreamers with Mother Earth's heart are critical to raising the vibration and smoothing the 2012 ride.  We also need to use green versions of everything, organics, electric cars, and insist our American representatives vote for the Safe Chemical Act and clean renewable energy bills, as each country must do our part of restore Mother Earth -  it takes a global Village! 


While writing about Raul Rodriguez creating Puerto Vallarta's first Green Laundry, a neighbor screamed and pointed at two whales spouting.  That is a good sign for keeping PV Paradise, and Raul's laundry near the top (578) of Calle Allende in Centro, where I first lived and shared this giant solution with his family.  They are heroes for offering ocean friendly Sodium Bicarbonate/BakingSoda cleaner at no extra cost - 11 pesos/kilo laundry- to protect especially PV'S children, pets and oceans.  More Mexicans, like North Americans, are learning that chemical detergents are toxic including its synthetic fragrances, and the combination, found Stanford University, destroys the immune systems of Marine life.  The synthetic hormones from the fake scents also enter our bloodstreams through our hands/skin and alter all our body organs, revealed CNN's "Toxic America."  Yet herbal or flower essential oils/'aciete flor y herbal' lift our vibration and health. Since what we put on our skin goes to our brain and heart, it is as important as what we put in our mouths!

So please give our marine life and children a bright future by switching to green cleaning, like some maids to protect themselves after CNN revealed that American women 'cleanaholics' have a higher incidence of breast cancer.  God-made sodium bicarbonate also disinfects, deodorizes and cleans dishes, counters, floors and toilets.

Big bags of Arm & Hammer Baking soda powder are super affordable and healthy, (but new liquid A&H has toxic fragrances).  The powder form can be found at Big Chains and health food stores, like in PV it costs just 17 pesos/kilo at Super Cereales near Leys or Organic Superfoods (Manuel and Yael are Mexico's "Detox leaders)" in the Romance Zone.  Plus most supermarkets in Europe, Japan, Australia and North America carry green cleaners,  or health food stores in Central and South America, like PV's Gaia Organic Foods and VSN carry Dr. Bronner's, Ecover, Detergent Ecologico, 7th Generation… 

PV's "MEXICO LIMPIO Y QUERIDO" ("Clean & Loved")

In Sedona, Arizona our green team helped save the City $25,000. per year by switching to green cleaning in public places, which stopped their lawyer from have seizures at City Hall.  "PV could also save on healthcare while bolstering our economy like Costa Rica through eco-tourism, by our government making a similar Green commitment," said Mari Torres, a PV leader of "Mexico Limpio Y Querido." 

OUR ONLY 'HOME'           

This is also a big breakthrough year for practical green solutions since PV school kids, like kids around the world, are telling their parents about the islands of plastic trash in the Pacific the size of Texas that are dead zones. Millions are sharing YouTube's magnificent eye-opening video "Home" with their families and reminding them to take advantage new recycling programs like PV's, so we are no longer eating plastic eating fish.  "Home" is multi-lingual thanks to the sponsors like Gucci believing that keeping our planet in tack is smart business - why it is the educational arm of PV's "Limpio." 



Imagine if all schools played "Home" at least on their computers, added to ideally Indigenous teachers taking six year olds on Nature hikes like the Swedes, to learn how to live in more harmony with Mother Earth for life.  Instead of giving them our rapidly declining fish, children everywhere would have fishing poles to a brighter world. Don't they deserve that chance?

Together these giant green and spiritual solutions are purifying our oceans and Mother Earth so we may truly celebrate our progress on UN's International Mother Earth Day on April 22, and thereby creating a smoother 2012.

For eons as tribal people we have given gratitude to Mother Earth for Her gifts every day: Her thirst-quenching waters, tasty foods, reviving mountains, oceans and waterfalls, powder snow, gentle rains, sweet breezes, fruitful trees, flowers, loved ones, animal friends, mystical sunsets…  Those remembering these ways are fulfilling this prophetic purification and creating a joyful Eden-like "New Earth."


Photo:Gene Tagaban (Tlinket-Cherokee) of Native American Olympic Snowboard Team, Ravendancing in Alaska

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