Snow Riders of the American Indian Nations Riding across the snow and part of the land
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Eddy Box Jr, Southern Ute Elder, whose father led the first snowdance for Vail in 1963, is leading a prayer for balanced weather to help Americans travel home safely to their loved ones over the holidays,” according to Olympic skier Suzy “Chapstick’ Chaffee, co-chair of the Native American Olympic Team Foundation. 

Beloved by many Colorado ski areas and skiers, Eddy suggests, “Getting in a good frame of mind and praying from our hearts to give Gratitude to Creator for the nourishing snow, the blood of Mother Earth, which has fallen across America.

Then ask Grandfather for forgiveness to purify ourselves to come in a humble way to plea for balanced gentle snow and weather to help those back East get their power back, and for safe travel to family homes across America and world wide 

Creator we have done things without thinking, and now realize they are harmful to ourselves and Mother Earth.  We bless the California Scientists for joining with the North American Elders to enlighten everyone how we can to help restore the health of our families and Nature by going back to using natural products inside and outside our homes and offices.  (More including “Top 10 Toxins to Upgreen in our Homes” on  

Thank you for being good role models and sharing this message with all your friends.  And may you and our Earth Family be blessed with a joyful spiritual holiday.”

The Native American Olympic Team Foundation (formerly Native Voices) is a Colorado non-profit partnership of US Tribal leaders, Elders, Olympians, Ski World, and Stanford University, whose mission is to “Create joyful unity through sports and education, to help heal Mother Earth for all our children, including through Olympic participation.”

Contact:  Suzy Chaffee,, tel: 520 3449511,


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